Browne’s Ipswich shine in their first NVL fixture

Ipswich Ladies Vs Portsmouth

Ipswich ladies played their first national league games of the season with new head coach Simon Browne. With home advantage the ladies went into their first set against Portsmouth with positive energy. The girls passed well especially from Anita Cooper, playing her debut match for Ipswich. Unfortunately accurate passing was not enough to win the first set but the ladies fought hard with their attack in the next set. Another new Ipswich signing- Ania Burejza proved her offence prowess at the net. The next sets were extremely competitive, and Ipswich went into the fifth set with confidence, only to go down by 8 points early on giving the victory to Portsmouth. Ipswich will have finished the match knowing they have lost a game that could have been a comfortable win. Iza Karwacka was awarded MVP for her powerful serving and setting.

Final scores: 3-2






MVP Iza Karwacka

Iza Karwacka in action

Ipswich Ladies Vs Sussex

The second game against Sussex Dolphins saw Ipswich hit the form they were searching for in the first match, they stormed ahead with pressure from serves and clever plays. Ipswich comfortably took the first set. The second set saw a dip in Ipswich’s usually perfect passing, which cost them the set. However the girls fought hard in the third and with some strong serves from Emma Goosey and Kasia Plesnar the ladies dominated, only allowing Sussex 9 points. The fourth set saw Ipswich really push their attack with Marta Holton setting up fantastic options for hitters to smash. Ipswich really showed what they are capable of in this display and will be hoping to hit this form in the coming matches. Zoe Verow gained MVP this game for strong attacks and accurate passing.

Final scores: 3-1





MVP Zoe Verow

Zoe Verow attacking

The ladies have their next National League fixture away against Ashcombe Dorking 2 on 25/11/18

The futures bright, the future is Browne…

Ipswich ladies have finished their NVL season in 4th position, only 5 points off the play-off positions. Kev Abbott has served two years as Ipswich Ladies NVL coach, both seasons finishing in 4th position. Unfortunately with Kev recently becoming a Dad, time is becoming very stretched and he is unable to continue as ladies coach for Ipswich VC. Luckily for Ipswich Ladies Simon Browne has stepped forward to take on the ladies coaching.

Simon has previously played for Ipswich Mens team and has a long history of volleyball achievements, so the ladies will be in good hands for next season. Simon’s first fixture in charge of the team was on Wednesday 11th April against Chelmsford Ladies in the Essex league. The ladies were keen to make a good impression on Simon and worked hard.

Despite an injury setback to Michelle Abbott in the second set, the ladies pushed on and played some great volleyball to win the match 3 – 0. Iza Karwacka picking up another MVP for the ladies team as setter.

You can get a chance to see Simon Brown’s Ipswich Ladies team in action on Saturday 21st at 3pm against Brentwood at Northgate Sports Centre. Ipswich Men will be in action prior to this fixture at 1pm.

Ipswich Ladies Team with coach Simon Browne

Cat Wright, Michelle Abbott, Everita Sokolova, Simon Browne, Otylia Miazga, Jen Ubasa, Iza Karwacka, Kasia Plesnar

Karwacka & Goosey star in end of season fixture

Ipswich Ladies hosted their last NVL matches of 2017/18 season at their home venue Northgate. They would face Maidstone and Portsmouth. Maidstone currently bottom of the league and Portsmouth just above them in 8th position.

Ipswich Ladies got off to a strong start against Maidstone with some confident attacking through Kasia Plesnar playing in the opposite position. A real combination of strong spikes and tips kept the points rolling in and the ladies took the first set 25 – 17.

Iza Karwacka made sure the ball stayed off the floor with some heroic diving after some passes became off target, she also linked really well with middle hitter Emma Goosey, who kept running quick attacks with perfect timing. The ladies really started to click as a team and the outside hitters Julia Vidot and Everita Sokolova managed some great kills. The performance in the second set meant they won it with a comfortable score of 25 – 13.

After such a comfortable second set, coach Kev Abbott shuffled a few play positions around which saw Otylia Miazga and Cat Wright playing through the middle, Michelle Abbott took the opposite position and Emma Goosey was moved to the outside position with Kasia Plesnar. The ladies got off to a shaky start as Maidstone took an early lead, but with some great blocking from Otylia and smart play from Iza they kept right in the game. Emma made the most of her time as an outside hitter leaving the Maidstone block with stinging hands as she forced the ball through the block several times. Set 3 went to Ipswich Ladies 25 – 19. Iza Karwacka gaining Most Valuable Player for the match after her heroic diving and smart tips helped the ladies secure the win.


Maidstone & Ipswich Ladies

The second match of the day between Maidstone and Portsmouth got underway, however Maidstone looked to lack some confidence and the middle attacking from Portsmouth made sure the points kept rolling in, the match ending 3  – 0 to Portsmouth.

Ipswich Ladies & Portsmouth

Ipswich Ladies would have to face Portsmouth in the last match of the day and season, Portsmouth were looking confident after their 3 – 0 win over Maidstone and got off to a good start taking the first 3 points. Ipswich responded well and with some nice attacking work from Michelle Abbott through the middle position found their way level again. The first set stayed a close fought contest, but with Cat Wright playing as libero and keeping the passing on on target, Ipswich took the first set 25 – 22.

Ipswich were now hitting through every channel and working Portsmouth hard, their confidence was flowing and the noise level growing. The second set saw some amazing volleyball with very few mistakes and Ipswich made short work of Portsmouth 25 – 10.

The third set saw Ipswich begin to tire and mistakes began to creep into the game, Portsmouth responded well with some effective middle attacking. Ipswich Ladies looked set to take the set and match leading by a point at the last technical timeout. Portsmouth worked their defence hard and took the lead. Ipswich missing out on the set by 2 points, 23 – 25.

Eager not to loose control of the game and slip into a 5th and final deciding set, a tired Ipswich ladies team took to the court and gave it everything they have! Portsmouth kept within a few points through most of the set, but Emma Goosey firing through the middle gave Ipswich the extra edge they needed and they took the final set 25 – 19. Emma Goosey gaining MVP for the game.

L- R : Kev Abbott, Cat Wright, Iza Karwacka, Julia Vidot, Otylia Miazga, Everita Sokolova, Michelle Abbott, Emma Goosey, Kasia Plesnar

Ipswich Ladies showed some real team togetherness and a fantastic attacking display to be proud of, the two wins mean they are set to finish the season in 3rd or 4th position depending on the Dulwich Tuskers final matches who currently have a game in hand on the Suffolk side. 

Ladies Flounder to Dolphins and Blaze Past Essex

Early Sunday morning saw Ipswich Ladies travel to Ashcombe Volleyball Centre to take on hosts Sussex Dolphin 2 and Team Essex 2. The ladies team come of the back to two defeats in NVL volleyball to Richmond and Southampton.

Sussex Dolphins 2 took no time in getting off to a positive start to the first set, jumping ahead with 3 points with their first server Ilona Kalasova (13). Ipswich responded well with some great attacking through the middle from Otylia Miazga (10) and brought the game back level to 14 each. The scores kept level throughout until the Dolphins Elise Dupuy (10) and Vanya Popova (20) put in a good serve run of 7 points leaving Ipswich’s defence static and unable to muster a response. Set 1 going to the Dolphins 25 – 19.

Ipswich needed to response well in the second set, but never managed to gain control of the game. Some great attacking volleyball being played by Ipswich but each positive attack was cancelled out with defensive mistakes and communication errors. Ipswich’s Julia Vidot shining with some impressive attacking displays. The Dolphins were 23 – 18 up, but Ipswich pulled their way back into the game with a great service run from Iza Karwacka (13) bringing the scores to 24 – 21. Ipswich failed to muster their defence and the Dolphins won set 2 from a shanked serve receive error, the set ending 25 – 21.

Set 3 and Ipswich Ladies were looking frustrated. Once again the defence letting the Dolphins lead the set. The scores stayed level 10 – 9 to the Dolphins. The next run of play saw Ipswich come alive and really show what they were capable of. A real team effort and attacking master class from Kasia Plesnar (15) and Emma Goosey (19) saw Ipswich take the 3rd set 25 – 16, this really showed how well the Ipswich team can play finishing with such a comfortable lead.

The fourth set and once again The Dolphins refused to let Ipswich dominate. The Dolphins made sure they limited their own mistakes and forced Ipswich to keep making theirs. Ipswich again showing some real class with their attacking and they lead in the later part of the set 24 – 21, Cat Wright with a 5 point serve run to help push Ipswich in front. Unfortunately Ipswich lacked once again in defence and let the lead slip with a 5 point serve run from The Dolphins 20.Vanya Popova. The fourth set going to 26 – 24 with The Dolphins winning the match 3 sets to 1.

Ipswich Ladies will want to forget this performance quickly as they will feel it could have gone their way, and the 3rd set showed how easy they could make it. Julia Vidot earning Ipswich’s MVP for her consistent attacking through the outside position.

Julia Vidot (11) defending a Sussex Dolphin serve

Ipswich faced a tough challenge to pick themselves up after the first loss, but pure grit and determination saw Ipswich defend well and attack even better against Team Essex 2. A very positive start gave Ipswich an early lead 16 – 13, Iza Karwacka (13) giving Ipswich a boost with her strong serving. The ladies continued to defend well and picked up some well driven hits from the Essex team. Ultimately Ipswich frustrating Team Essex 2 with a fantastic display of defence and attack. The first set going to Ipswich 25 – 22. Cat Wright and Emma Goosey making a big impact through the middle position.

Set 2 saw more of the same high energy play from Ipswich, with Team Essex 2 getting even more frustrated and resulted in Ilka Bringhenti Segnini (6) picking up a yellow card warning. Some great serving from Cat Wright (16), Emma Goosey (19) and then Kasia Plesnar (15) pushing Ipswich into a comfortable lead and set win 25 – 18.

Ipswich were on a high after such a positive display of skillful volleyball and were working well as a team. Iza Karwacka (13) setting the plays up well and keeping the opposition on their toes. With Ipswich firing on all cylinders the third set went their way 25 – 20. This 3 – 0 performance stands out as one of the best displays of volleyball Ipswich Ladies have had this season with every player giving an outstanding performance. Iza Karwacka (13) earning another MVP as setter.

10 Otylia Miazga, 8 Michelle Abbott, 13 Iza Karwacka, 16 Cat Wright, 11 Julia Vidot, 1 Jen Ubasa, 15 Kasia Plesnar, 19 Emma Goosey

The last game of the day saw Sussex Dolphins 2 take on Team Essex 2, Team Essex 2 responding well after their defeat and won 3 – 1.

Ipswich Ladies now sit in 5th position in the NVL division 3 south-east level on points with Sussex Dolphins 2 in 6th and Ashcombe Dorking 2 in 4th.

More photos can be found on the Ipswich VC website.

Tough competition for Ipswich Ladies 

Ipswich Ladies traveled in numbers to Kingston-on-Thames Arena taking the full NVL squad of 10. Ipswich Ladies would be facing current early league leaders Southampton and Richmond, but not before they played each other. 

The match between Richmond and Southampton finished in a very close 4th set, Richmond taking the spoils winning 3 – 1, but credit to Southampton making Richmond fight for every point. 

Southampton Vs Ipswich and Ipswich went into the match very positive after seeing their opposition defeated in the previous game. Unfortunately for the Suffolk Ladies Southampton we’re hungry for points and made light work of the ladies in the first set, winning 25 – 16. Southampton’s Number 6. M.Bresser finding all the gaps in the block. 

Ipswich Ladies responded very well, with a change of tactics and tighter blocking Ipswich took the second set convincingly 25 – 14.
Unfortunately the experienced Southampton side kept pushing and took the next set 25 – 15. Although the 4th set was much closer and Ipswich Ladies led for the majority of the set, Southampton took game point at 25 – 20. 

Emma Goosey took her first MVP of the season for Ipswich playing as their outside hitter. 

19 Emma Goosey, 8 Michelle Abbott, 18 Everita Sokolova, 17 Cat Wright, 10 Otylia Mizaga, 12 Hannah Davies, 15 Kasia Plesnar, 13 Iza Karwacka, 20 Jenny Ubasa, 11 Julia Vidot

Ipswich then faced hosts Richmond who looked strong in their first match of the day.

Richmond took an early lead but Ipswich stayed in the game, with only 6 points separating them at the second technical timeout. Unfortunately for Ipswich, Richmond stepped up a gear and won the set 25 – 13. 

The second set saw Ipswich get off to a positive start with a small points lead, but a very strong Richmond side pushed ahead and took the second set 25 – 18, Ipswich were improving and growing as a team.

The third set saw both teams battle it out with neither team managing to get ahead, the scores level at 24 – 24, both teams looks good for the set. Unfortunately for Ipswich Richmond took the next two points to win 26 – 24. 

Ipswich’s Jenny Ubasa picked up MVP for her stunning performance as the teams Libero, picking up what looked like sure point winners for Richmond to keep the rallies long and tense. 

Ipswich Ladies showed great character against two very strong teams and at times looked the stronger side. Although they finished the day with two losses the ladies put in performances to be proud of and improved in every set. 

Ipswich Ladies Team pre match with Richmond

Ipswich Ladies Positive Start in NVL

Ipswich Ladies played their first matches of the season today against Ashcombe Dorking 2 and Maidstone, both teams made the journey to Ipswich’s new home venue Northgate Sports Centre. 

Ipswich started the proceedings against visitors Ashcombe Dorking 2, the visitors got off to a strong start and looked a much stronger team. Sets 1 and 2 were both comfortable wins for the visitors. 

The 3rd set saw a massive change in the Ipswich team with Iza Karwacka winning a massive 11 serves in a row to get the ladies 11 – 0 infront. The ladies continued to play very well and took the 3rd set 25 – 14. 

The 4th set saw a much closer start to the match, but Iza Karwacka again serving up a massive 7 point serve run, the set was won by Ipswich 25 – 12 this time. 

The 5th and final set finished 15 – 6 giving Ipswich Ladies the 3 – 2 win, with Ipswich’s setter Iza taking MVP

Left – right, back row: Coach Kev, Otylia, Everita, Iza, Kasia, Cat. Front row: Michelle, Hannah, Jen, Julia

The second match between Ashcombe Dorking 2 and and Maidstone finished 3 – 0 to Ashcombe who looked comfortable throughout. 

Ipswich Ladies played Maidstone in the 3rd match of the day. A positive start saw Ipswich take the 1st set 25 – 20. Maidstone played very well and showed what they were capable of to take the second set 25 – 18. 

Ipswich took both sets 3 and 4 with the same score line 25 – 22, giving them the match 3 sets to 2. Ipswich Julia Vidot picking up MVP from some very strong attacking in the outside position. 

The 2 wins put Ipswich Ladies joint top of W3SE with Southampton VC Women’s 2, though Southampton picked up 3 – 0 wins twice today to put them ahead on sets difference. 

Ipswich Ladies next NVL match is away on Sunday 22nd October against the early league leaders Southampton and Richmond VC.