MaVIS Tournaments

Ipswich Volleyball Club host a monthly indoor 6-a-side tournament called MaVIS. The tournemant has 2 divisions, division 2 is perfect for new teams, ladies teams and youth looking for match experience, div2 is played on a ladies height net. Division 1 proves a good stepping stone for teams to gain experience ready for playing regional level volleyball, it is  played on a men’s height net. Both divisions can be men, ladies or mixed teams, though we do ask that division 2 players must not be national league level.

The Tournament runs from 9am to 3pm at Northgate Sports Centre and is open to everybody. Clubs and individuals can enter, please email Kasia Plesnar for more information.

The following are the scheduled dates for MaVIS tournaments. 

  • 14th October 2018
  • 11th November 2018
  • 09th December 2018
  • 27th January 2019
  • 17th February 2019
  • 17th March 2019
  • 14th April 2019

There are two methods of payment for entering, please email for the details to make payments. 

£231 in one lump sum (£33 for each tournament)


£231.00 over 2 instalments; instalment 1. costing £117.00 and the later in the season instalment 2 costing £114.00.

Please make the payments before the following dates:

  1. 1st October 2018 – £117.00
  2. 5th Jan 2019 – £114.00

If you want to enter each tournament separately it is £39 for each entry.

All payments will need to made directly to IVC’s bank account at least 6 days before the tournament occurs (the Monday before).