Sussex Dolphins 2 Vs Ipswich Ladies



Hosted by Dulwich Tuskers at Ernest Bevin College, Ipswich Ladies take on Sussex Dolphins in the second fixture of the day.


Date Time League Season
March 18, 2018 12:30 pm Ladies NVL 2017/18

Sussex Dolphins 2

Position S K E TA A B DIG PTS

Ipswich Ladies

# Player Position S K E TA A B DIG PTS
8Michelle AbbottMiddle Blocker00000000
10Otylia MiazgaMiddle Blocker00000000
11Julia VidotOutside Hitter00000000
12Hannah DaviesMiddle Blocker00000000
13Iza KarwackaOutside Hitter00000000
15Kasia PlesnarOutside Hitter00000000
16Catherine WrightMiddle Blocker00000000
18Everita SokolovaOutside Hitter00000000
19Emma GooseyOutside Hitter00000000
 Total 00000000