Ipswich Ladies Picking up Wins

Ipswich ladies travelled to London to play top of the table Lionhearts and Richmond.

London Lionhearts v Ipswich Ladies 3-0

The ladies started strong against the London side, with an effective block from Anita Cooper through the middle and great passing from Ania Burejza. The Lionhearts started to creep ahead with a variety of attacks and ability to defend well. Despite strong serving pressure from Iza Karwacka, Lionhearts took the first set. The Ipswich side went into the second set determined, and got more into the swing of things, displaying some great defence particularly from Emma Goosey and Marta Holton producing great setting skills. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough against the well organised London side and they won the set. The third set was much the same, attacks from the Lionhearts were strong and the Ipswich ladies battled well but lost out. MVP was awarded to Zoe Verow

Richmond v Ipswich Ladies 0-3

The Ipswich side started strong, with serving pressure from Everita Sokolova proving difficult for the Richmond side to deal with. Ipswich took the first set comfortably and looked to have the edge over the home side. The ladies continued to put the pressure on in the next set with Jenny Ubasa proving herself as a force to be reckoned with, creating sets for Zoe Verow and Emma Goosey to put away. These strong attacks and the ladies fitness levels in the game has been helped hugely by their sponsorship and team gym training with David Lloyd Ipswich. Anita Cooper showed her blocking presence at the net once again, and despite Richmond claiming more points in this set, Ipswich went on to win. The third set allowed the Ladies to really push for strong attacks thanks to the passing being on point. The home side struggled with the serves and clever attacks from the Ipswich side saw them win the game. Anita Cooper was awarded MVP in this game.

The ladies team that took on Lionhearts and Richmond

Ipswich vs Ashcombe 1 – 3

Ipswich ladies began their busy February with a game away against Ashcombe. The girls were off to flying start against the home side, with some amazing passing from Ania Burejza enabling strong attacks from the outset. The girls kept their lead to win the set thanks to some strong serves from Kasia Plesnar and Emma Goosey. The second set saw mistakes creep into Ipswich’s game despite strong attacks from Natalia Regucka. The ladies put up a good fight in the following sets with consistent setting from Iza Karwacka but unfortunately lost the game 3-1. Ania Burejza was awarded MVP this game.

Ipswich vs Maidstone 3 – 0

Despite just finishing a tough game, the Ipswich ladies started strong against Maidstone, building up a lead with good serves from Otylia Miazga and consistent setting from Marta Holton. The ladies won the first set quickly and the second set started much the same, with great defence from Jenny Ubasa and strong hitting from Zoe Verow. Ipswich took the second set but started the third set unconvincingly and had to work hard to take the win. Natalia Regucka was awarded MVP this game. Sponsorship from David Lloyd Ipswich and their gym classes certainly helped the girls through sets which saw their fitness being put to the test.

The ladies who took on Ashcombe and Maidstone

The Ipswich side play Sussex and South Hants at Northgate Sports Centre next weekend (10.02.19) first serve at 11am, all are welcome to come and support.